Estate Agency Careers with RE/MAX

Do you have big plans to open up your own business? Are you open to new challenges and are looking to drive your career to the next level? Do you scan property listings, even though you are not buying a home? If your answer to any of the questions is yes, then maybe becoming an estate agent could be the perfect career change.

What do estate agents do?
There are a number of things that estate agents do but broken down they sum up to marketing, selling and letting properties. The estate agent�s job is about being able to negotiate and sell. It is a task-driven career that involves commitment, good communication skills, and hard work.

Do I need a qualification?
Although legislation could change in the future, currently no qualification is required to become an estate agent in the UK. While no qualification is necessary to get into real estate, it is best to have the right skill set and personality. In fact, above all else, personality is a key element to being a successful real estate agent. You could have several degrees and be a highly decorated academic, but if you don�t have the right traits, you will not make a good estate agent.

Some key attributes include confidence - as you will deal with a lot of different people every day - excellent communication skills and passion. And, as with most sales careers, you need to be enthusiastic, determined and amiable.

Do you want an estate agency job or do you want to be a property professional who is in business for yourself, but not by yourself? Why invest your time and efforts to build somebody�s elses business, when you can invest in yourself and build your own business? RE/MAX is home to agents who don�t want to put a ceiling on their earning potential. It is a brand for entrepreneurial-minded individuals who want to develop their careers in property, while building their own business with the support of one of the leading global brands in estate agency.

What does RE/MAX provide?
For starters, brand recognition. RE/MAX is the best-known and fastest growing estate agency network in the world. Currently, we have a market presence in over 100 countries globally, with more than 7,350 office and a network of over 112,000 real estate professionals across the globe. How does this help you? People want to work with a brand they know and trust, being a RE/MAX agent helps you get your foot in the door.

At RE/MAX, we want our estate agents to have the edge over the competition and be successful in establishing themselves as the best in the industry. To help our agents on their path to achieving their hopes, dreams, and desires, we put in place the latest training programmes and cutting edge support structures to make the road a little easier.

Agents have access to a comprehensive technology platform designed to help agents keep track of their client network and listings. We also provide a resource centre with all training and brand-compliant marketing material for agents to use at will and a training hub called RE/MAX University, available on demand 24/7, because we believe that the more you learn, the more you can earn.

Seasoned pro or new to the industry � we can help you achieve your goals
Regardless of whether you're a well-seasoned pro or new to the property business, at RE/MAX, your career is in the best possible hands. If you are already an experienced agent switching over to RE/MAX, will help take your career to the next level and will set you on course for even greater success. We do things differently at RE/MAX, in that we believe that the client experience is a key element to growth and success within the real estate sector. Let us show you how to take your real estate career above the crowd.�

The benefits as a RE/MAX Agent

Strong Brand

More than 110,000 agents work under the logo of the world-famous RE/MAX hot air balloon, in over 7,000 offices across more than 100 countries. As the number one real estate company, nobody sells more properties worldwide.

Corporate culture & network

One for all, all for one: at RE/MAX we see ourselves as one giant team. Our agents are networked with one another, help each other and share their ideas and experiences – both digitally and at our local, national and international meetings and events.

Career Training

As a RE/MAX agent, you will enjoy first-class training opportunities at each stage of your career. A wide variety of different training programs are designed to bring out the best in each individual, to impart skills, strategies and valuable knowledge, enhancing your success as a result.


More than 110,000 agents work under the logo of the world-famous RE/MAX hot air balloon, in over 7,000 offices across more than 100 countries. As the number one real estate company, nobody sells more properties worldwide.


Your back office is equipped with our highly professional technology, which supports you with ready-to-use platforms and systems in all areas of your work.

Shared pool of knowledge

As part of the RE/MAX family, you will benefit from the consolidated know-how of our entire network. Learn from other agents and pass your own expertise on to others. Together we are strong!

In business for yourself, but not by yourself

As an agent at RE/MAX you work on an independent basis, but can always rely on the support of our global network. We set the framework for you to enjoy maximum flexibility and build up your own successful business.


Work together with other agent colleagues! One represents the buyer in sale, whilst the other supervises the seller. The greatest possible satisfaction for your clients – and faster revenues for you!

Choose wisely, choose RE/MAX.

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