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Wondering where can you find millions of property listings around the world in one place? You've come to the right place. Our RE/MAX Global website connects you to our international regions around the globe, where you can find the right house in just minutes. It's no wonder that Nobody in the World Sells more Property than RE/MAX

With a few clicks of your mouse, you'll be transported to island getaways, European villas, Aussie lofts and much more. As you can see, RE/MAX is truly a global network, with a presence in more than 98 countries on six continents. Your property listings search on www.global.remax.com makes the home search process easier than ever.

A RE/MAX agent will help you throughout the sales process:


Incorrect pricing of your home is the most common mistake. If a house is priced too high it will make comparable properties appear to be better value and that may help sell your neighbours' home instead of yours. If your price is too low you could end up sacrificing profit unnecessarily. Pricing a home to sell is an art that takes into account market movement, demand, the home’s condition and yes, its location. Your RE/MAX agent will take all these factors into account when advising you on a pricing strategy.

Preparing your home

The second most common mistake homeowners make is not preparing their home for sale. When a buyer discovers poor maintenance it may lead them to wonder about other potential problems. Too much clutter, poor decorating choices or a sub-par curb appeal can also prevent a buyer from falling in love with your home. Your RE/MAX agent can instantly spot these problems and will help you get your home fit to sell.


Effective marketing is a third critical factor that often gets poorly executed. Your RE/MAX agent will make this a priority. It begins with taking great photos of your home to emphasise its best features not just document certain rooms. Proper staging of your home and depersonalising it will make a significant difference. Your agent will suggest improvements that will increase the overall value of your home resulting in a faster sale at a maximised price.


Your agent will then prioritise the right mix of traditional and online advertising utilising RE/MAX’s local, national and global websites taking advantage of a brand name that is international in scope to attract qualified buyers from around the corner and around the world. Through our practise of cooperative selling your home will be exposed to the network of RE/MAX agents as well as real estate professionals throughout the industry. The concept of cooperative selling markets your home to far more potential buyers in your area, increasing the number of qualified offers on your home and significantly shorter days on market.

The right estate agent

Hiring the wrong agent is another common mistake; inexperienced agents increase the chance of poor results. Your RE/MAX agent has the experience of working in different market dynamics and can recommend the proper listing price for the current market. They can negotiate objectively on your behalf and help navigate you smoothly through a variety of logistical and legal obstacles. You can count on your agent’s professionalism and experience to make the entire transaction more productive and profitable.

Attention to details

Finally, many homeowners make the mistake of failing to agree on important details of a sale before they get an offer. To prevent this from happening your RE/MAX agent will work with you in advance to determine things like your required net proceeds from the sale, your ideal closing date, chattels you will agree to and the compromises that you are prepared to make in order to close the deal.

You can avoid many of the mistakes that other sellers make, command a higher price for your home, sell it faster and have a more enjoyable experience in the process simply by working with a RE/MAX agent.

Choose wisely, choose RE/MAX.

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